Protect your Business from Cyber Security Threats

Aurora makes security simple, here’s how:

  • Prevention from attacks to your business data

  • Real time visibility of all applications and appropriate usage

  • Protects remote users

  • Fully managed, including tailored monthly reports to give you peace of mind

  • No up front costs, fixed monthly cost

Why use Palo Alto Networks to secure your customers?

Over half  of the world’s top 2,000 companies choose Palo Alto Networks to protect their business, with 31,000 customers in over 140 Countries.

Traditional network security products are simply incapable of enabling the next generation of applications, users and infrastructures, while dealing with these on- going  threats. So stop wasting money on technologies that leave you exposed and impact your ability to make money!

Here’s what Independent Research company Gartner say…

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Protect your IT network and empower your employees by giving them safe access to the applications they need to help your business to succeed.

  • At least 80% of companies in Europe have experienced at least one cyber security incident in the last year

  • Security incidents across all industries worldwide have risen by 38%

  • Cyber security incidents cause major economic damage, costing Irish business at least €300 million a year

  • The cost of a data security breach for companies ranged from €200,000 to €6 million last year

  • Most companies believe that traditional products are protecting them. Anti-virus is stopping less than 30% of attacks

  • Under new EU Legislation all companies will have to report a breach within 72 hours

Our Bandwidth Analyser gives you a real time view of what applications are eating your bandwidth, allowing the company to take back control of bandwidth usage, now you can block and allow applications as you require.                               

No longer is it a mystery as to what applications are being used, you can now see this in an instant. Why not allow Marketing to use Facebook to be used during lunch only, it’s that easy!

Many companies don’t know if their business is at risk of a data breach, our reporting will keep you up-to-date and informed of any risks that exist. We will grade the risk of severity to your business and our security experts will be on hand if any action needs to be taken. This is proactive security management at its very best.

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