The Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing IT through Managed Services in 2019

According to Markets and Markets report, the managed services market will increase from USD 180.5 billion, in 2018, to a high USD 282 billion, by 2023. The expected CAGR for the period is 9.3%. The major driver of the upward trend is the growing dependence of companies on IT services to improve their productivity and demands for integrated, secure, and cloud-based services. Technical innovations increase productivity and business collaboration but keeping up with these advancements can be time-consuming and challenging. By allowing a managed service provider to share part of your business' IT requirements you'll reduce costs, increase competitiveness and improve operational efficiency.

What's more, the global managed services market is witnessing interest in managed mobility application and information services. IT managed service providers (MSPs) allow companies to access updated applications and services, which aren't available in-house. And businesses can target strategic areas while outsourcing other tasks to IT MSPs with the right expertise. A professional and qualified managed service provider will offer a full range of benefits to your company. Read on to learn about the top 10 benefits of outsourcing IT to managed service providers in 2019.

Cost Management

SMEs and start-ups focus on cutting costs. A planned budget allotted to an IT MSP is lower and less volatile than costs resulted from an in-house IT team. If you have an in-house IT support team, you'll be paying for infrastructure, equipment, training, maintenance, and upgrades. So, it's more difficult to track and stay within a set budget. You'll be handling unexpected expenses such as server breakdowns or IT employees who leave your company. These events can damage an SME or start-up and interrupt business operations. But if you outsource your IT to an MSP, you'll control your monthly budget and solve all IT-related issues much quicker.

Operational Efficiency

Any business needs the latest technology to continue growing and keep up with its competitors. And MSPs offer cutting-edge technology, infrastructure, and software to their clients. What's more, an MSP has a skilled team of professionals who will resolve any problems related to upgrading infrastructure and IT maintenance. An investment in MSPs is worthwhile especially for SMEs and start-ups, which are shifting their IT financing models from CAPEX to OPEX both for operational efficiency and cost-cutting.

Increased Security

Because of increased cyber crimes and data theft risks, companies are turning to IT MSPs to prevent, monitor, and manage any security risks and provide data threat intelligence. What's more, increased security risks, compliance regulations, and data breach prevention are driving security investments across different industry verticals. MSPs constantly deal with cyber-attacks and are familiar with black hat techniques and hackers. So, their teams can act quickly and more efficiently with security issues than in-house IT employees.

Complete IT Toolkits

Your IT employees may have dealt with a range of IT-related issues. But when they come across an issue they haven't handled before, it'll take a huge amount of time to resolve it. So, it's best to outsource your IT to MSPs. It's an efficient business strategy. A good IT MSP company will have faced a wide variety of IT problems and has the necessary infrastructure and personnel to handle difficult IT issues. Also, the MSP's team can identify the problems faster and resolve them in no time. Your business won't incur any damages and your operations will be up and running.

Crisis Management

Your business's data is a top asset. But disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires or cyber-attacks happen. And because most companies don't have the necessary infrastructure to recover data, they incur serious damages, which can also lead to complete shut-down. But thanks to increased expertise and access to the latest technology, MSPs can back-up your data and recover it at any time. You'll have operations back on and can continue your business as normal.

Additional Resources Available

An SME or a startup can't afford to waste time resolving IT-related problems while the competition is creating new products, attracting prospects and capitalising on innovative marketing strategies. So, if you outsource your IT to an MSP, you can focus on product development, improve customer experiences and implement strategic marketing techniques. A growing company requires constant change. By outsourcing your IT support, you'll free up internal resources so you can identify new market opportunities and scale your business.

Focusing on Core Business Operations

As a business grows, employees must adopt several IT responsibilities, which are outside their job descriptions. And as these responsibilities increase, employees struggle to perform their initial and main tasks. What's worse, they're forced to prioritise these IT responsibilities to prevent any downtime. On the other hand, if you outsource your IT management to an MSP, your non-technical and tech-savvy employees can return to performing their jobs. They'll focus on revenue-generating operations and improve your market position, while the MSP handles the day-to-day IT operations efficiently.

Vendor Management Solutions

An IT MSP can offer vendor management solutions and act as an interface for your business. All the issues your business encounters are resolved promptly. The MSP can act as a contact point for third parties, escalate any IT issues to the right vendor and manage the process. Vendor coordination can be challenging without the necessary experience. But if you outsource vendor management to an IT MSP, you'll remove the difficulties of working with different vendors. The MSP will be your trusted partner, which streamlines operations for you.

Unlocking Scalability

Considering the increased rate of technological innovations and advancements, your business must invest in new resources to support growth and development. As your business expands, you should anticipate that technological and infrastructure requirements will outgrow your resources. But MSPs have the necessary resources to promote and sustain increased IT requirements. They provide scalable solutions to keep your business productive, competitive and help you eliminate any damaging downtime.

 What's more, MSPs will identify your business's pain points and be responsive to your short-term and long-term needs. And top-quality MSPs will discover and find ways to improve your systems to help you reach your objectives. A win-win IT managed services contract will include the option to scale services as your business grows. 

Customised Solutions

Consider that IT is a core business operation which sustains the functioning of your company's activities. And managed IT services pricing should reflect top-quality and high-performance services offered by an MSP. Check a variety of managed IT services packages or request customised solutions. Having an in-house IT team doesn't mean you can't outsource IT tasks. Assess your team's strengths and identify any weaknesses. This way, you'll identify which functions are easier and cheaper to run internally and which you should outsource.

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