11 Common Misconceptions About IT Security in 2019

January 14th 2019

There are many people who know about IT security but who don't necessarily understand all of the commercial implications that surround it. Perhaps you fall into this category without realising it? Read on to discover some of commonest usual misconceptions that people have surrounding IT security.

1. Firewalls Are All You Need

Firewalls are, indeed, an important aspect of cyber security these days. However, determined hackers can get around them with surprising ease. Don't let your organisation's IT security begin and end there.

2. IT Security Solutions Are Expensive

When you look at a complete security service package in the round, it is often not as dear as the alternatives – buying in security measures from different providers. Complete IT security solution providers are often more cost-effective.

3. IT Security Is the IT Department's Responsibility

It isn't. The General Data Regulations Protocol makes it clear that everyone has a responsibility for data security in an organisation. The buck stops with senior managers who cannot blame junior members of the team if something goes wrong.

4. Your Password Is Strong Enough

Even very hard to guess passwords can be worked around by sophisticated software which tracks your keyed inputs. Just setting a strong password won't prevent someone from watching you as you enter it, after all. Therefore, changing your password regularly is essential

5. One Password Is Enough

While we're on the subject of passwords, you should never use the same one for multiple log-ins. If your password is guessed, then everything you use from accessing your bank records to your firm's customer database could become compromised.

6. Anti-Malware Software Is Made By Hackers

Although there are incidents of malware being created by people who simply want to sell cyber security software, this is not the norm. Most of the big names in anti-malware and anti-spyware software are reputable firms which are determined to prevent problems, not make the occur in the first place.

7. Your PC Isn't Running Slowly Then You Don't Have a Problem

Another myth busted! Although some malware will take up your PC's resources as it embeds itself, some simply spy on what you are doing on your computer and send small amounts of data when you are connected to the internet. You may have a problem right now and not even realise it!

8. Small Businesses Get Hacked, Too

It is fair to say that the big hacks which make the headlines throughout the Western world tend to occur when a large corporation comes under attack. However, smaller enterprises can be under even more of a strain from hackers unless they utilise the resources of a solution company to keep them safe.

9. Cyber Risks Are Not Business Risks

If you think that hackers are misguided teenagers up to no good but without real commercial acumen, then you are simply wrong. Some sophisticated criminals operate via the internet and your business could face extinction unless you take IT security seriously.

10. IT Security Is Internet Security

Another myth! Many hacks occur not because someone attacks your website or app but because they get access to your network. This might be a simple as plugging in a device which has no right to be on the system.

11. Old Computers Pose No Threat

All computing devices must be disposed of in a professional manner or they could still contain data. When you hit delete on a file, it remains on the hard drive in some form and old data could potentially be restored.

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