7 reasons why you should choose managed security services for your company

June 13th 2018

Across Ireland, IT decision makers understand how crucial it is for companies to have a handle on their IT function. Regular news reports have continued to alert IT managers to the growing list of cybersecurity threats which modern companies face: hacking, intrusion, worms, viruses and other malware to name but a few. Here, to defend your business interests against these threats, we look at the seven main benefits of engaging with an experienced, external computer security specialist.

1. Depth of Expertise

With today’s constantly increasing threats including customer data theft, targeted malware and ransomware, the need for wide-ranging expertise is clearer than ever. When you collaborate with the experts, your company benefits from their industry-wide knowledge and the latest solutions. With this level of security expertise on hand, your corporate defences against IT threats will be stronger, so you will enjoy greater peace of mind.

2. Cutting Edge Technology

To take care of your organisation’s IT infrastructure, an external provider will typically deploy advanced technology within your business. Almost instantly, the newly increased protection and boosted efficiency will deliver clear, positive results. In order to gain these advantages in the face of the general IT skills shortage and resulting recruitment constraints, the most forward-thinking businesses and organisations are increasingly turning to managed services for their IT security operations – often even when they already have an in-house computing function.

3. Stronger Security Measures

Enhanced protection and a secure network mean that your IT operation and wider business are safe from external hacker and even internal threats. According to recent figures in the computing press, around eight out of ten IT management professionals or business decision-makers have already forged an agreement with an IT security provider, or plan to contract such services shortly. Experts advise company IT managers not to fall among the three in ten compliance and senior IT staff in organisations without proper defences and, consequently, unsure whether their computing systems have been breached or data stolen.

4. Reduced Operating Costs

Not only do expert IT security solution providers deliver enhanced security, but their expertise and economies of scale can also lead to cost reductions in the medium to long-term. When one factors in the availability of the best technology and trained people, along with the time, effort and money saved on recruitment, overall costs are almost always lower.

According to the CIO (Chief Information Officer’s Executive Council) that connects IT leaders worldwide, a growing number of organisations are switching to managed IT security because of the payback their arrangement gives them. In such companies, satisfied management teams mention that their making the change has helped them obtain maximum value from IT investment, manage technical issues and resolve incidents more efficiently.

5. Compliance with Regulations

Security services companies fully comply with regulatory requirements including industry-specific recommendations and legislation. Instead of getting involved in the comprehensive in-house management of your organisation’s computer security, you might choose to delegate responsibility to the provider who then takes care of this area, so you can oversee the process and manage the bigger picture. Put simply, the specialist supplier assumes accountability for the security of your information systems – including compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks.

6. Time for Your Business

In today’s marketplace, which is as competitive and as busy as ever, who does not want to free up some extra time to focus on core business activities? With a managed security service provider (MSSP) taking care of your cyber security monitoring and management, you will free up precious time to be able to concentrate on key areas of your company operations.

Meanwhile, experts who are well versed in the latest IT technologies and recommended practices will get to work and protect your VPN (Virtual Private Network), safety precautions, spam blocking, intrusion detection as well as anti-virus updates, policies and scanning – in short, delivering your comprehensive security solution. You will have more time available to step back, take stock and look at the big picture or new business opportunities.

7. Customer Support

Apart from the extra customer support you receive from your provider, you will also have more time to serve your client base and see the resulting business growth. Your provider will deliver round the clock monitoring, patches, updates, security assessments, audits and delivering timely emergency responses. There is no longer any need to delve into the technicalities and detailed administration of servers, routers, switching equipment, databases or technical management of hardware. Backup and recovery plans also come as part of the new managed service, should you wish.

Your Local IT Security Experts in Dublin

IT Force is a leading IT services supplier based in Dublin, Ireland. The company provides cutting-edge IT solutions to local businesses including managed security, outsourcing and IT support. If you are in or near the city of Dublin and you demand the highest standards for your IT security management, contact the friendly, professional and expert team at IT Force today, or call +353 1 5546 000.

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