Are your Internet habits making you an easy target for cybercriminals?

July 13th 2015

The motivation for the vast majority of cyberattacks is money, and with more and more financial transactions taking place over the Internet, cybercriminals are looking to benefit from this. 

The current cybercriminal profile has shifted from an amateur to a professional.  Today, they want to make money, are very well organised, and it is their full time job to attack sites. 

How disciplined are you about data security and the Internet?  

Today, most people have a number of devices at their disposal, be it a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone and most devices have Internet connectivity.  We use them for business and personal activities daily, including emailing, online banking and shopping, social networking, activity tracking, and finding out how to get to from A to B.    

Despite the amount of time that we spend on these devices and the degree of personal information that they store, many of us do not protect them sufficiently. 

In our defence, there are so many risks and threats that it is often difficult to keep track of what we should be looking out for.  There are scams, rootkits, malware, viruses, Internet hoaxes, spyware, denial of service attacks, data theft, data corruption, social engineering attacks, spam, compromising photos, and the list goes on and changes daily.  

What are the security threats posed by cybercrime?  

At the centre of most cyber threats is the risk of theft of our personal data.  To know how to protect this data, we firstly need to know what we must protect.  We need to detail what data we have, where we have it, and we need to establish if we actually need it to be there e.g. storing your credit card details in an online store account. 

The type of data targeted by cybercriminals is varied and it includes:

Are you putting your data at risk?  

When it comes to data and data security, if you do any of the following then you are putting your data at risk:

Tips to improve the security of your data?


Security lock on Computer or Mobile Device

Sharing information online

Software Security

Be vigilant

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Understanding how security assumptions can put your data at risk

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