Confused about the kind of staff that you need?

January 16th 2014

Confused about the kind of staff that you need? Unsure about the difference between permanent employees, fixed term employees, short term, contract, temporary or project staff? The following descriptions and distinctions although not exhaustive, might get you started!

A person working under a contract of service is an employee of the company whereas a person working under a contract for service is not an employee.  The latter are better described as independent contractors.

It is best practice that both employees and contractors should always be issued with a contract detailing the terms and conditions of their engagement with the company. The contract will outline many areas, including whether the employee is part-time, full-time, engaged in a fixed term or temporary contract.

Permanent or temporary employees may work full or part time. Their hours are generally detailed in the contract of service. A fixed term worker (sometimes referred to as temporary workers or even as project staff) is a person who has a contract of employment directly with an employer.  The end of the contract of employment is determined by an objective condition such as the arrival of a specific date or the completion of a specific task or the occurrence of a specific event.

Independent contractors may also have varied hours of work, as agreed in their contract with the company.

It is very important to note that different employment legislation applies to different types of employees! 

Whatever your staffing needs, IT Force can help you… from permanent to contact and anything in between. We have a proven track record of successfully placing the right people in all types of roles. We are experts at sourcing, screening, testing, interviewing and reference checking right match candidates for roles. We only put forward high quality, relevant candidates, saving you time and money. IT Force hold an Employment Agency Licence as issued by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and we are licenced to help you recruit for all positions.

To find out more, please see IT Contracting and Resourcing

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