How Managed IT delivers competitive advantage

April 10th 2018

In the modern marketplace, enterprises depend on IT to support and run their central activities. Effective back office operations, streamlined internal systems and efficient product or service delivery are among the keys to success.

However, although corporate missions and objectives are normally straightforward and clear, the sheer scale and depth of computing knowledge required to contribute to their achievement may become quite bewildering. A plethora of choice and endless configuration options can even alarm time-pressured staff.

So how can the modern IT decision maker ensure that his or her organisation makes the best use of technology and remains competitive, without getting lost in the detail? Here, we review some critical considerations and see how managed IT can add value.

Why proper IT management is essential

The proper, proactive management of IT functions within businesses is crucial if they are to succeed. Within organisations, the deployment of IT managed services can help to ensure shrewd direction, competent control and efficient supervision in various ways. Not least, of course, is the need to prevent or minimise the effects of any unexpected interruptions to daily operations – so that business processes benefit from continuity. Typically, there are also positive effects on consistency, quality and compliance with regulations.

Selecting an external supplier to look after organisational IT delivers tangible benefits. In particular, there is immediate access to a level of specialist knowledge, experience and expertise that may not otherwise be available in-house. As a result, training time demands and costs reduce, as do the overheads associated with dedicated staff salaries or short-term contractor remuneration. For these reasons, external IT suppliers usually offer the best and most cost-effective options and expertise to company managers and directors wishing to focus on core entrepreneurial activities.

How IT as a Service provides synergy 

Under ITaaS, experienced consultants advise on options, help implement computing strategies and work to enhance processes and overall performance. Qualified specialists and analysts with broad business expertise offer useful pointers to make maximise usage of existing resources and profitability levels, while also resolving any unexpected issues. Naturally, it is essential that these experts keep an eye on the ‘big picture’ – and, in so doing, deliver an integrated approach.
In effect, ITaaS enhances synergy in modern organisations and enables them to focus on developing and executing their business plans in accordance with their mission statements. Naturally, the efficiencies achieved help to speed up operations and create more time to strive towards greater innovation and competitive edge. Company management and consultants may want to look closely at ITaaS, therefore, because it can improve both IT and general strategies through opportunities to improve the focus on competition.

High-grade ITaaS suppliers will be able to offer consulting expertise on e-commerce and supply chain management, as well as proposals, presentations, workshops, organizational restructuring and project administration.

Leading solutions suppliers

Using a specialist IT provider to deliver managed services can make sound business sense. Whether for a part of the corporate computing function – or more widely, depending on the tendering process – savings will follow. Gone are the long hours trying to absorb complicated specifications, licensing packages and rollout plans, or sifting through detailed cloud networking proposals.

The provision of managed services for company IT functions can vary from workstations and servers to software rollouts, project delivery and support. Service packages may extend to innovation, network architecture and design as well as planning, testing and change management.

IT Force is a leading IT Support Company in Dublin. The company provides solutions from general services management to outsourcing, virtualisation and cloud computing to businesses in the Irish capital and beyond. If you’re in the Dublin area and would like to find out more about this, contact IT Force, at 01 5546000 or by sending us an email to

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