Planning your IT Projects for 2014?

December 10th 2013

IT Contracting is a flexible and cost effective way to augment your team.

When planning your IT projects for 2014, don’t let a lack of resources hinder you.  In today’s business environment, the use of IT contractors to alleviate staff shortages is commonplace.  As a business strategy, contracting delivers the desired results for many companies, including the reduction of payroll overheads and on-time and within budget project delivery. 

Although you will generally pay a higher daily rate for a contractor when compared with the equivalent daily cost for a permanent employee, contracting some of your IT staff will actually save your company money.  You won’t have the additional employment related costs such as employee benefits, employer PRSI, holiday entitlements etc. So, in essence, you get the skills that you need when you need them, without increasing your payroll headcount.  This is especially important for companies who are operating within a recruitment freeze. 

IT Contracting allows for greater flexibility when you are trying to plan and manage your IT projects based on what staff are available at a given time.  How many projects have been put on hold or delayed because the skills required were not available in-house? IT Contracting will deliver what you need - whether it is specialist skills, prior experience on a similar project or simply additional resources to provide cover for holidays or training days. 

Another benefit that is gained from IT Contracting is the exposure that your permanent staff gain to the contractor’s additional skills and expertise.    Staff training is routinely provided by contractors during the engagement, thereby ensuring that skills and knowledge are transferred to members of your team for use after the completion of the project. 

The IT Force contracting division has been working with IT departments for over 15 years delivering additional resources and expertise, as needed.  Our specialist skillsets include (but are not limited to) helpdesk staff, IT specialists, infrastructure staff and project managers. 

Our Candidate Plus offering makes us unique - all of our contractors have access to the IT Force Support Helpdesk, an extra layer of specialist expertise, for when they need it.  Our close working relationships with vendors such as Microsoft, Symantec, Citrix and Cisco will ensure direct access to their specialists, if required.

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