Social Media - one of the biggest threats to an organisations security

April 1st 2016

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn among many others has become one of the most important tools in a company’s lead generation, meeting brand building objectives and interacting with customers, however it also has become one of the biggest security threats to companies.  Most use of consumer-focused social media for work purposes is concentrated in the “Big Three” – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These social Media platforms has benefits for companies big and small;

• Social media can help companies target audiences more efficiently
• Social media helps companies identify new customers and grow their audience
• Customer service can be significantly improved by allowing faster response to customer complaints.
• Content can be shared easier and faster with social media



There are increased security risks with using Social Media platforms within a company. The increased likelihood that malicious content can enter an organization through a social media channel. Research found that 18% of organisations have experienced malware infiltration through social media.

Moreover, malvertising is on the increase and can infect leading social media properties. A promoted Twittercard was recently discovered that can lead to installation of malware designed to steal Facebook credentials.

While educating staff on the risks of social media and preparing a clear social media policy is important, it is vital for a company that they deploy the appropriate technologies that will mitigate risks from malware and other threats delivered through social media and corporate social networks.
At IT Force, we deliver IT security solutions that will defend your IT infrastructure from unwanted attack, protecting your valuable data and assets.

To be competitive in today’s business world it is vital that your IT infrastructure is operating at maximum efficiency levels.  To ensure this, you need to take the steps necessary to protect your IT infrastructure and network from harmful viruses, spam, spyware and other malicious software.

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