Cloud Computing Ireland

Turning IT into a Service

IT Force hosts and manages Cloud Services that offer companies a new way of doing things, they deliver the kind of benefits that businesses welcome:

The Cloud levels the playing field, empowering smaller firms with tools that were once only available to large enterprises that had the money and resources to manage complex solutions. Now available as on-demand services where you only pay for what you use, the cloud liberates firms from the cycle of hardware upgrades and the burden of managing complex systems.

No organisation is going to switch over instantly to the Cloud, which is why IT Force advises clients on the best strategies. We will walk you through the Public and Private Cloud options, and assist with Hybrid delivery that is inevitable when you use both or keep some infrastructure on-premise.
The cloud is a game-changer. What doesn’t change is our commitment to making a business case for the technology; ensuring clients get the right solution at the right price.   

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