Employees are an organisation’s greatest asset, but can also be its weak spot

The cybersecurity behaviours of people within an organisation can be a complex mix of awareness and personality. The training they receive and the security cultures that exist across the organisation.

Technical solutions to combat cyber threats will only take an organisation so far and can still leave it vulnerable to attack. Employees are an organisation’s greatest asset, but also its biggest weakness. The current tick-box approach to security training is no longer adequate for people to understand and respond to today’s cyber threats.

Our effective cybersecurity training and awareness programme will take people from being unaware of cybersecurity and how they are supposed to behave to the point where they are proactively behaving in a way that reduces the people risk element of cybersecurity.

Key Steps

Our 5 step methodology will provide you with a route to successful Cyber Security Awareness.

5 steps of Cyber Security Awareness



  • A focused programme, using real life examples, to enhance the security culture of the organisation.

  • Comprehensive understanding of the individual’s personal role in protecting data and information.

  • Improvements in the security behaviour at all levels to reduce the risk to the organisation.

  • The organisation moves from a reactive to a proactive approach to current and future threats.