Helpdesk Support

Remote and Onsite Helpdesk Support

Remote Support

Remote support is a cost-effective technology that allows a technician to service your computer from a remote location.


How does our Remote Support work?

When an issue arises, the IT Force service desk team will initially provide remote support to try to identify the cause of the issue and to determine the corrective actions required.  Remote support results in a minimal amount of downtime for the client. 

The IT Force IT service desk is staffed by full time qualified engineers.  If a client has an issue, they can contact our service desk directly by phone, email or through the client portal.

All reported issues are logged and investigated as set out in the service level agreement.

How do clients benefit from Remote Support?
Remote support is a core service under the Guardian365 offering.

Without this service we would need to visit the site for every issue which would be costly and time consuming.

On-site Support

On-site support occurs when an issue cannot be resolved remotely and the engineer needs to visit the client site.  This could be pre-planned, or it could be in response to a problem that cannot be resolved by other means. 

How does our On-site Support work?

IT Force offers clients the facility to have an engineer visit their premises and provide local, hands-on support, either on a scheduled basis or as the need arises. 

  • Scheduled visit: this is a pre-planned visit by an engineer.  It takes place for a variety of reasons such as addressing issues that cannot be resolved remotely, the installation of new hardware, to assist with an office move, or to monitor the installation and set-up of 3rd party hardware / software.
  • On-demand visit: this is an unplanned visit by an engineer.  It is in response to a time sensitive issue that cannot be resolved remotely. 

How do clients benefit from On-site Support?
On-site support is a core service delivered by IT Force under the Guardian365 offering. 
Without this service the client would not have access to the skills necessary to resolve complex issues that require an on-site presence.

Out of Hours Coverage (24 x 7 x 365)

Out of hours coverage provides clients with access to support personnel outside of normal business hours to attend to business critical issues.  


How does our Out of Hours Coverage work?

IT Force normal business hours are from 9AM to 5.30PM, Monday to Friday. Clients who avail of our out of hours coverage service are given a dedicated telephone number to access support outside of these hours i.e. after 5.30PM Monday to Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and on bank holidays.

Any calls received by our engineers during this time will be attended to in accordance with the agreed procedure as stipulated in the Service Level Agreement.  This document will also detail our agreed response and resolution times. 

In a typical scenario, we will begin working towards resolving an issue once it has been reported.  Our initial response time is 30 minutes and we will use all reasonable endeavours to resolve faults.

To enable this service to operate efficiently and effectively, IT Force provide the following tools:

  • 24 X 7 monitoring software - monitoring software is provided that monitors and records key device events which occur on a 24 X 7 basis.
  • Knowledgebase and site history - we maintain a knowledgebase of information related to the client site.  This includes all known or recurring problems along with the appropriate actions and fixes.  
  • Vendor support - In the event of a major hardware failure, IT Force will liaise with product vendors to ensure their efficient and timely intervention.

How do clients benefit from Out of Hours Coverage?
Some businesses do not function in traditional 9 to 5.30, Monday to Friday timeframes. This service is for those businesses who operate outside of these timeframes and who cannot wait for IT Support when they have an out of hour’s issue.