Storage Management

Online Backup

Online Backup

Online backup is the secure, simple, and affordable way to back up your servers and to protect your critical business data.


How does our Online Backup work?

IT Force’s online backup managed service ensures that client backups are fully automated, secure, reliable, and that client data can be retrieved quickly and easily.

The backup software is installed on the client servers.  At scheduled intervals the business data is automatically compressed, encrypted and securely transmitted via the Internet to the data centre.  All backed up data is mirrored to a secondary backup storage vault.

The validity of the backup is reviewed and verified on a daily basis.

If needed, restores can be requested via the IT Force Service Desk.

How do clients benefit from Online Backup?
The online backup service allows files and data to be stored away from the client’s main site.  If a major event occurs at the client’s premises a copy of their data is available, which can be efficiently and effectively restored.

Email Archiving

Email archiving systematically frees up storage resources, improves performance and protects data that must be retained.


How does our Email Archiving work?

Our cloud based email archiving service has been designed to help businesses of all sizes address the challenges of email storage management, legal discovery and regulatory compliance. It securely and safely archives all email in a private cloud, while providing on-demand access to all email communications at any time.

  • Unlimited storage and retention for a predictable monthly fee that includes automatic service upgrades, maintenance and 24x7 support.
  • Quick and easy deployment, requiring no mandatory on-premise hardware or software to install and maintain.
  • Seamless integration with Outlook or Notes, making it quick and easy for users to access their archived information directly from their familiar email client.
  • Advanced search filtering functionality to allow users to quickly locate the archived information they need.
  • Roles-based access to the archive for legal teams and outside counsel to significantly reduce the burden on IT and expedite the eDiscovery process.
  • Strict security controls to ensure data integrity, availability and confidentiality.
  • High availability infrastructure with high service level agreements.

How do clients benefit from Email Archiving?
Email archiving solutions need to be implemented for:

  • Regulatory Compliance - Electronic or digital records are now central to many lawsuits, employment disputes and government investigations.
  • Storage Management - Archiving emails compresses the data and moves it from the servers, freeing up space and improving hardware performance.  
  • Knowledge Management - All email archiving solutions have built-in search and discovery tools.