Disaster Recovery Gap Analysis

Identify how prepared your business is to handle a disaster

As dependence on IT systems continues to grow, businesses need to have an IT system that is available around the clock.   

Unfortunately, IT systems are vulnerable to a variety of disruptions, ranging from mild (e.g. power outage, disk drive failure) to severe (e.g. equipment destruction, fire).  These could be caused by natural disasters, human error or terrorist activity. 

Disaster Recovery Planning

In the event of a major disruption, it is vital that access to software, data and hardware can be restored swiftly.  For any business dependent on their IT systems to continue business operations and to meet the needs of their clients, staff, suppliers and business partners, effective disaster recovery planning and testing is essential.  This will reduce the risk of prolonged downtime caused by system and service unavailability. 

Disaster Recovery Gap Analysis

Using a structured methodology, our specialists will undertake detailed interviews with key staff, and they will examine the organisational structure, the business location, the priorities placed on different business applications and the work streams. For a company with no formal disaster recovery plan, it is an ideal starting point.

For a company with a disaster recovery plan the analysis will identify potential problem areas with the plan, such as an out of date definition of the critical business applications, the technology in use and staff awareness.    

The gap analysis report will include recommendations for the business to implement in order to close any existing gaps.

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