Enterprise IT Mobility

Any place, any device, any time

Today’s working world is a mobile one, with more workers using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, as well as accessing cloud services, to carry out their day-to-day business activities. This is often done when on the move, instead of from the traditional bricks and mortar office building.

This shift in business practices is known as enterprise / IT mobility.

With employees being more mobile, there is a requirement to be able to access corporate data remotely. A sales manager needs to be able to access his client accounts via his mobile device while travelling from meeting to meeting, and a product manager needs to be able to access his research while travelling abroad to meet suppliers.  

While enterprise mobility allows workers to become more productive, boosts employee satisfaction and offers a business greater cost efficiencies, it needs to be managed carefully to ensure that it does not impose security risks on the corporate network.

At IT Force we offer a number of solutions that can help employees to undertake business from anywhere, on any device, while still meeting security and compliance mandates.

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