Enterprise Mobility Suite

Keep your employees productive on their favorite apps and devices—and your company data protected

In a mobile first cloud first world, many companies understood that they need access to company email, documents and productivity tools on the go.

However, these companies are concerned about confidential data that was stored within company emails and documents ending up in the wrong hands.

IT Force is able to help these worries by providing Enterprise Mobility Suite, also known as EMS.

Comprehensive protection of company emails and documents is now delivered to Johns company across 4 main layers.

Often employees leave their place of work with their Smartphone carrying company data such as company contacts and key important business information.

Using EMS, if an employee tries to access their company email using Outlook App for the first time, they would be required to enrol the device in the company Intune portal app. The company Intune portal app allows companies to Manage and enforce restrictions on the Outlook app and other company apps.

It can also be set up so that when the user opens the Outlook app that they are required to type in a PIN code. This provides an extra level of security, and means that even if their phone is lost and someone picks it up that they couldn’t get access to company email app without that PIN.

If an employee wants to take a copy of some confidential information and paste it into a personal app they are restricted. The data would have to be copied into an App that is managed by the company InTune portal such as Excel, Word etc.

What if an employee forwarded company attachments to their personal Gmail account?

IT Force can set it up so that the Document itself has Rights Management applied at the file level. The document would be encrypted and only specific people allowed to access it. So even if the file is received outside the organisation, the Rights Management policies would prevent the document from being opened.

IT Force allows staff members to use best in class email and productivity tools while at the same time giving companies peace of mind that access to company data is comprehensively protected.

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