IT Security

Protect your Corporate Data from Attack

To be competitive in today’s business world your IT infrastructure must be operating at maximum efficiency levels.  Employees require a highly secure environment that is available 24/7. This can only happen if you take the steps necessary to protect your businesses IT infrastructure and network from harmful viruses, spam, spyware and other malicious software.

We deliver solutions that will defend your IT infrastructure from unwanted attack, protecting your valuable data and assets.  

Two-Factor Authentication  

Our Two-Factor Authentication is suited to situations where passwords don't offer enough security.  This solution is proven to prevent unauthorised access to critical data and applications.  

Spam Filtering - Anti-spam solutions

Most IT users have been subject to spam emails from time to time.  While not necessarily dangerous from a security perspective, spam does waste the valuable time of both IT and the user, and it adds to the overall cost of email and other IT managed systems. Our spam protection solution identifies and blocks phishing mail, mail from Botnets, graphic based spam and malicious URLs.  

Web Content Filtering

The accessing of non-work related websites by employees results in hours of wasted time every week, reduced productivity and a compromised IT infrastructure. Our A web content filtering solution allows you to control and filter the websites that can be accessed by employees from their desktop PC or from their smartphone and tablet using the company WiFi.

Antivirus Solutions

Our antivirus solutions make it possible to protect your PC and network from threats before malware can damage your business and cost you money.