Web Content Filtering Solution

Filter Content, Malware, App Threats

Use our web content filtering solution to block access to unsuitable websites.

67% of companies have caught someone in the last 12 months viewing pornographic material in the workplace.
The accessing of non-work related websites by employees results in hours of wasted time every week, reduced productivity and a compromised IT infrastructure.  The websites are often for online shopping or celebrity news, but they could also contain pornographic content or dangerous malware that could infect your whole IT infrastructure. 

To protect yourself and your business you must have an effective internet usage policy.  A web content filtering solution is part of this.

Web Content Filtering Solution

A web content filtering solution allows you to control and filter the websites that can be accessed by employees from their desktop PC or from their smartphone and tablet using the company WiFi. 

Web Protect – Filtering and Blocking Access to Websites

Our web content filtering solution, Web Protect, is a powerful and budget friendly web content filtering tool that enables businesses to filter or limit access to websites that are deemed to be inappropriate and unsuitable for during working hours. 



We can deploy Web Protect in a number of different ways, depending on the individual preferences of your business.  If your preference is an on-site deployment, then this can be done using our ISO or Certified Virtual appliance. Web Protect is available as a cloud based service if this is your preference.

Regardless of the deployment model selected Web Protect will protect your users from undesirable and inappropriate websites and online threats. 


With Web protect the highly granular policy engine allows the administrator to build browsing policy based on users, groups, categories, working times, etc. For example only the Marketing team have access to social media sites, the technical support team have access to discussion forums and all employees have access to shopping websites during lunchtime.

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