Email Archiving

Email archival solutions for business.

Email Archiving enables efficient Email Management

Managing email efficiently must be a priority for any company, no matter how big or small.  Email archiving is the most effective way of doing this.  It systematically frees up storage resources, improves performance and protects data that must be retained.

Why is Archiving Email so important for businesses?

Email archiving solutions should be implemented for:

Archiving Emails for Regulatory Compliance

Electronic or digital records are now central to many lawsuits, employment disputes and government investigations.  Ensuring compliancy is proving to be a major headache for many small to medium sized businesses.   Companies are struggling with the complexities that surround electronic evidence and the changes in technology and business processes that are required to meet the new legislation.

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Archiving Email to assist in Storage Management

The ever increasing use of email by employees is putting unprecedented pressure on a company’s hardware resources and storage capacity.  In the past, IT Managers may have enforced storage quotas on an individual’s mailbox, but this practice often results in important emails being deleted to make room for incoming emails.

Email archiving is a long term solution and it makes better use of a company’s existing storage capabilities.  Archiving emails compresses the data and moves it from the servers, freeing up space and improving hardware performance. 

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Archiving your Email to facilitate Knowledge Management

The email account is often the first and last stop for many employees when verifying a quoted price, checking the time of a scheduled meeting or looking up the contact details of a business associate.

With an email archiving solution all inbound, outbound and internal email is collected automatically.  This data is then indexed to make it easily searchable.  All email archiving solutions have built-in search and discovery tools.

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