Whether you are looking for desktops, laptops or tablets for your  workforce or you need network infrastructure wired or wireless or servers and SAN, we can help. Do you need a UPS to protect  your comms or server room and business in the event of a power outage? We provide an end to end hardware supply service - all delivered, installed and configured, followed by our world class support and hardware maintenance services.

We have built strong partnerships with many world class hardware vendors including HP, Microsoft, APC by Schneider Electric, IBM, Dell, Aruba, CISCO and Lenovo. These are names that we trust and that our clients trust too. If you have a strict IT budget to stick to, we can recommend the hardware that is going to give you the best value without compromising on quality. We can review your business needs so that we can supply hardware that is more than up to the job it is required for.

We can also take care of your hardware installation

For many businesses, the main consideration when ordering hardware is the cost. However, the biggest variable we find is in the set-up and installation of that hardware. If this is not done correctly, the downtime and cost implications for a business can rise exponentially. Our technical experts will ensure your machines are installed and configured and ready to use quickly. We can also install operating systems, applications and anti-virus software.

Benefits of Upgrading Hardware

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