The average business spends up to 3% of their annual revenue on print-related expenses (Gartner Study). 

Managing print demands effectively can save your business as much as 30% compared to in-house printing expenditures.

We cover toner, supplies and servicing costs and will design a print management plan that meets your company's specific needs. A plan that saves you time, money and significantly improves workflow. If you have a printer, copier, fax or scanner (even one purchased through another vendor), IT Force will provide you with complete coverage – a single vendor serving all your print management/office machine needs.

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Benefits of IT Force MPS

  • Save time and hassle with a Single Vendor Solution

  • Single monthly invoice for all print related costs

    • Easy budgeting via a monthly, consistent payment

    • No surprise charges – all inclusive

    • Eliminates wasting time shopping online

    • Eliminates stale supply inventory sitting on shelves

  • Maintenance Coverage on all devices under management

  • Document Security - Pull printing uses PIN codes or swipe cards to release printing jobs and is gaining widespread popularity among small to medium businesses

  • Automatic Toner Ordering through Email Alerts

  • Automated Service Alerts

  • Auditing and reporting – tracking every print, scan and fax can help you to identify inefficiencies and put in place any necessary printing restrictions

  • Reduced paper waste – with documents less likely to be abandoned at the printer, businesses will use significantly less paper

IT Force uses the latest multi-functional innovations in printing combining colour and black-and-white. These include comprehensive communication capabilities in cost-effective systems that provide impressive speeds, unmatched quality, amazing flexibility and unparalleled functionality.

Whether you have a requirement for A4 mono printing or A3 full colour printing - IT Force has a solution to suit your needs.

Please contact IT Force today if you would like to discuss your printing requirements.