Multi-Factor Authentication

As more and more users go mobile, and businesses are moving critical data and applications into the cloud, there is a need for an even greater priority to be placed on security.  Data breaches and malware are on the rise, and the cost of a single breach can run into the millions, not to mention the cost in brand damage. Simultaneously, there is a growing need for a simpler, smarter user experience when it comes to authentication.

Multi-Factor Authentication solutions provide an extra layer of security to your network and applications. In addition to the standard username and password, the user must also provide something that only they have e.g. a smartcard, mobile phone / device or a behavioural profile.

The IT Force cloud based solution provides all the cost and scalability benefits of a managed service, delivers robust security, and offers the right options for a user-friendly experience.  It is a proven solution to preventing unauthorised access to critical data and applications, and it is easy to implement, cost-effective, and smart.

Strong protection

Augment password-based logons with an additional layer of authentication, preventing unauthorised access to sensitive networks and applications.  The additional layer can be provided from an Intelligent Authentication device and behaviour profiling, such as fingerprinting, user behaviour monitoring and geolocation access monitoring, or through a hardware or software-based credential, such as a smart card or a mobile phone.

Reduced costs and complexity

Deploy strong authentication without the expense of deploying and maintaining dedicated on-premise authentication infrastructure. Our cloud cloud-based approach makes it possible to quickly and easily deploy strong authentication across the organisation without costly up-front capital expenditures.

Flexibility to meet diverse needs

Tailor your use of strong authentication to balance the cost, convenience, and security. Our wide range of authentication options means that you can select the most appropriate authentication approach to deliver protection for a variety of users and use cases.

Scalable and reliable

Grow your use of strong authentication to large user bases without deploying additional dedicated authentication hardware. Our cloud-based infrastructure delivers carrier-class scalability and reliability to enable your organisation to support millions of users easily and cost effectively.


Attackers constantly change tactics. Your organisation requires authentication solutions that can address these challenges, both now and in the future. The Symantec cloud-based approach enables easy delivery of new capabilities, in additional to integration with Symantec™ Global Intelligence Network, Symantec™ Endpoint Protection, Norton™, and Intel® Identity Protection Technology (IPT)- enabled computers; allowing you to stay ahead of emerging threats.