6-on-6 Leaders’ Questions & Answers

September 4th 2017

From gender equality in tech to the future of Brexit, this Sunday Business Post article features John Bergin answering 6 big questions along with five other experts. Below is an excerpt of the article. 

1. In a bid to make iPhones as streamlined as possible, it’s expected that the next version will incorporate wireless charging. What are your thoughts on this?

The most exciting thing about wireless charging coming to the iPhone is that this could mark a major turning point for the technology. A lot of flagship smartphones have had wireless charging for several years, but no company can drive trends like Apple.

2. A recent internal memo at Google hit headlines with its claims about women in tech. How do you think gender inequality in tech can be tackled?

Men and women’s capacity to shine in IT and any other sector is the same. The only place where this gets confusing is in people’s heads. Companies should work solely on people’s ability and capacity to do a job.

3. With places like Kerry, Dundalk and Galway thriving, where do you think the next Irish start-up hub could be?

Infrastructure issues such as slow internet speeds still hold back large parts of rural Ireland from being start-up hubs. I do see Galway city with excellent potential for Ireland’s next start-up hub. It’s a city with a growing population and strong cultural history, which helps employers attract talent

4. With Brexit looming, many banks and financial services firms have their eyes on Ireland for relocation. Although we still don’t know much, what impact do you think Brexit will have on the Irish economy?

The prospect of securing many banking, insurance, and fund management jobs for Dublin from London has been welcomed for months as a key upside for Ireland from Brexit. This is coming to fruition now with Irish authorities having clinched deals with more than a dozen London-based banks to move part of their operations to Dublin. On the other hand, Brexit will be a mixed bag and will bring problems as well as opportunities.

5. What do you think could be the next defining trend in technology?

Artificial intelligence and automation are likely to have a big impact in coming years. Driverless cars are rapidly becoming a reality and the technology is likely to supplant human jobs such as truck and taxi drivers over the next 20 years. Already artificial intelligence is being used to replace human workforce in areas like car manufacturing and this is likely to move up the food chain in areas as diverse as accountancy, law and healthcare.

6. Name one app you couldn’t live without.


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