Bad Rabbit Ransomware

October 25th 2017

A new ransomware worm dubbed "Bad Rabbit" began spreading across the world Tuesday October 24th and it appeared to be a much-modified version of the NotPetya worm that hit eastern Europe in June. The Bad Rabbit malware enters enterprise networks when a user on the network runs a phony Adobe Flash Player installer posted on a hacked website. Users should be very careful visiting any websites today especially if you are redirected from mainstream websites.

Users should be vigilant of any update requests especially around flash player (image to the side). Do not install any updates if you are prompted. If in any doubt contact IT Force for advice.

Please ensure that your Anti-Virus and systems are all up to date. IT Force is investigating a vaccine that purports to stop the infection and we hope to roll this out by the end of the day to all our Managed Service clients.

IT Force remains committed to providing the most secure and stable environments to all our customers. Should you have any queries or concerns in relation to this, please contact IT Force.

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