IT Resourcing: Firms filling specialist gaps with maximum efficiency

June 24th 2013

Report by Dermot Corrigan, Sunday Business Post, 2nd June 2013.

Many firms are now opting to bring in short-term specialist staff to help implement new projects.

A convergence of a challenging general economic environment and significant skills shortages in certain technology areas has turned the focus onto the Irish IT resourcing market.

Providers which can offer highly-skilled IT specialists at cost-effective rates are helping organisations implement new technology projects, manage or troubleshoot specialist systems and fill gaps in small IT departments.

While resourcing is a well-established area of the IT labour market, the term itself can mean different things to different people - with some providers focusing more on the recruitment and manpower end of the space, others concentrating their efforts more towards consultancy and strategic support.

Joe O'Reilly, director of IT contracting, IT Force has his own simple definition.

'An IT resourcing solutions provider is a company which provides IT departments with resources to assist in the delivery of IT projects,' said O'Reilly.

'These resources can be provided for short or long term engagements. We also provide resources for permanent positions. In all cases the onsite resource - and therefore the client - has access to further support channels.

'We also provide day-to-day management and replacement staff during planned and unplanned leave.

'Companies typically turn to IT resourcing solutions providers for a range of reasons, O'Reilly said.

'They may have a staff embargo or reduced IT workforce and need to augment their team from time to time,' he said. 'Or a major IT project is taking place - mergers, systems upgrades, moving to the cloud, rapid company expansions or similar drivers.'

To speak to Joe O'Reilly call us on 01 5546 000 or visit IT Force IT Contracting and Resourcing Services

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