IT Resourcing: People Power

June 9th 2014

Read Joe O'Reilly’s contributions to an article on IT Resourcing entitled ‘People Power’ published recently in the Sunday Business Post Connected Magazine.

'Because of the downturn, a lot of organisations lost a lot of staff over the last number of years and haven’t been in a position to replace them,’ said Joe O’Reilly, director of IT consulting for IT Force.

‘Now that the economy seems to be picking up a little bit they are anxious to replace those people, but are nervous of committing to full time staff. So they come to us and we provide them with a resource that is billable through us in the initial period. Then if they want to recruit the person on a full time basis, they have that option as well.’

This kind of ‘halfway house’ approach allows companies to be sure that their business is actually on the up before committing to the investment of additional staff.

‘They don’t have to worry too much about HR issues or any legal constraints, because they are buying the service from us while still having the option of converting that into their own full time resource,’ said O’Reilly.

He said most of the demand IT Force has seen in the past six months has been generated by companies upgrading from XP to Windows 7, with the firm either supplying staff to carry out this task or augmenting client companies’ helpdesks to enable them to do it themselves.

According to IT Force, the laws of supply and demand are as much an issue in IT resourcing as they’ve ever been.

‘On occasion there are certain people or certain skill sets that you just can’t get. But some people get carried away thinking that just because they hear the IT sector is booming and they can’t get people, that it’s somehow immune to what’s going on in the wider economy,’ said Joe O’Reilly. ‘I equally know a lot of very senior specialist people who haven’t been able to get work in their particular skill set for a long time.’

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