Mobile Working for Everyday Business

May 9th 2016

Below are excerpts from the intewrview with Jason walsh of the Sunday Business Post on the 8/5/2016.

A technological explosion has led to the possibility of remote working, but is it good for business or employees? And does the technology create more headaches than happiness? Jason Walsh finds out

Some professionals have always worked from the road, and it’s not just truck drivers. Service engineers, sales teams and journalists were all early adopters of mobile technology as far back as the 1980s, but as rickety dial-up connections have given way to high-speed broadband and always-on 3G and 4G mobile connections, more and more companies are allowing staff to work remotely, including from home.

In addition, senior management may often spend as much time away from the office as they do in it, visiting clients and suppliers across complex supply chains. Clearly, being unavailable for days or weeks at a time is not an option.

The shift is visible everywhere across Ireland, said John Bergin, managing director of managed services provider IT Force.

“There has been a massive proliferation in the number of people moving away from their desks and taking advantage of mobile working technologies. This is obvious when entering any coffee shop — they are often full of people working on their laptops, tablets or other mobile devices,” he said.

Mobile working is more prevalent in certain industries, said Bergin, with manufacturing, construction, retail and healthcare workers inherently more mobile. In addition, the amount of mobility and flexibility required depends on the level of the job.

“Senior management within organisations who need to be connected at short notice are often the biggest adopters of mobile working.”

John Bergin, managing director of IT Force said that mobile is too often not fully considered from a security point of view.

“While many businesses focus on servers, desktop computers and laptops, they often ignore mobile devices to the detriment of the company,” said Bergin.

“Mobile security is now a mainstream issue, especially for businesses. The biggest security issues facing IT Force’s clients, mainly small- to medium-sized Irish companies, is that mobile is a highly dynamic and evolving industry and as devices continues to evolve, so do their threats.”

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