resurgence in investment in managed services

July 5th 2016

Another MSP that has invested in new technology for its service management is Dublin-based IT Force. “We believe it is essential to invest in new technologies continually as relevant advances enable us to be smarter in what we deliver,” said John Bergin, director. “We have just finished a significant investment in N-central, a very sophisticated RMM software suite from SolarWinds N-able that is a generation ahead of our former system.”

Another highly important area of investment for any MSP, Bergin said, is staff and skills. “By definition, we need experienced people, and the demand is growing again. On the other hand, a services provider like us with many clients can offer the variety and challenge that many of them are looking for.”

The combination of skilled people and smart technology is the key to an MSP’s success, he said. “What clients really need — and they don’t always realise it — is an IT partner that they can trust and build a relationship with. ‘Trusted partner’ is a bit of a cliché but it’s true. The client needs to be able to look for guidance and advice that can be trusted and valued. In the current market, with the pace of technology change seeming to accelerate almost daily, what organisations do not need is a service that will take on just the essentials of technical support. If something breaks, they fix. Over time you could end up with a ‘band aid’ solution that is well out of date and even no longer fit for purpose.

“I’m a great believer in the power of conversation,” Bergin said. “The client relationship should be built on opinions, advice, discussion of alternatives and all of that — based on mutual trust and understanding of the client business and its needs. Otherwise, it’s just tech support and sales — no depth, no strategy.”

At IT Force, we can help businesses plan for, design, implement, operate, and manage the right technologies to improve the way they in which they do business. From security to cloud to business continuity, we take the complexity and confusion out of selecting and managing the right IT solutions for your budget, allowing you the time that you need to focus on running your business.

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