Unified communications: Shifting your business comms to the cloud

April 9th 2015

John Bergin recently spoke to journalist Killian Woods regarding the adoption of unified communications by businesses.  The article ‘Unified communications: Shifting your business comms to the cloud’ was published in the Sunday Business Post Connected Magazine on the 5th of April, and excerpts are included below. 

Killian Woods reports,

Changing tides in technology initially leave all different types of companies, regardless of scale, with more questions than solutions.

How can this new software optimise our business? Will this new service integrate with our systems? Does it make sense to overhaul our current infrastructure to implement this new hardware? These are all questions that arise for decision makers at any company when the next big piece of software or hardware that has the potential to redefine business practices becomes available.

The global technology boom has seen a glut of hardware and software solutions that optimise day-to-day processes flood the market. Bridging this gap between new tools for businesses and the businesses themselves are IT solutions companies. They have acted as the catalyst over these times to help businesses adapt the right technology to their company and optimise how they work.

Most notably services such as email and cloud computing have redefined everyday business practices, and IT solutions companies such as IT Force are on the frontline introducing the latest service that is redefining daily enterprise operations: unified communications.

Attitude change

Adoption of IT practices in general has been steady over the past few years, with the demand for unified communications also rising, said John Bergin, managing director at IT Force.

‘We’ve certainly grown, and I suppose the growth is about 15 per cent year on year. The growth is down to businesses treating IT more seriously and in terms of how it can improve their business. The IT sector itself has changed, but I would also say I’ve seen a change in attitude,’ Bergin told Connected.

‘Notably, a few of our clients have come from a background of underinvesting in IT in the past. If their investment is dated, sometimes moving a company’s IT infrastructure to the cloud can be an easier process than if they kept their equipment up to date.’

A competitive sector

With more competitors entering this branch of IT, it can be difficult to get a competitive edge. Bergin said that having an unbiased approach is what differentiates his firm from competitors.

‘Being able to sit down and have a conversation with a client and not have an agenda as to what solutions we have to offer them is the difference. A lot of the time, their fear is they will get an IT partner and they will simply flog them the next product with no care for implementation,’ said Bergin.

End of article

At IT Force, we have professionals who are experienced in assisting clients to utilise the technology available to them to help to improve communications within the business. We can work with you, to help you to realise the business benefits derived from implementing a unified communications solution within the business.

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