Windows Server 2003 migration: Don’t panic

March 2nd 2015

John Bergin, Managing Director, IT ForceJohn Bergin recently shared his thoughts with journalist Lelise Faughnan regarding the impending cessation of Microsoft support on Windows Server 2003. The following article was published in the Sunday Business Post Connected Magazine on the 1st of March. 

The majority of organisations still using Windows Server 2003 in the face of the July deadline for Microsoft support are believed to be SMEs with widely varying but usually minimal IT expertise in-house. They are usually also users of a range of Microsoft applications so the case for the orthodox migration to the latest generation Windows Server 2012 is usually compelling, said John Bergin, managing director of IT Force which has specialised since 1999 in ICT solutions, contracting and managed services.

‘I think the key to going about it is to look first at the set of applications in use. Some will almost certainly be Microsoft products, perhaps of various generations, but there are likely to be others such as financial systems and industry-specific applications. That is what is important for the ICT continuity of the business and its chosen technology. It is all too easy to get bogged down in the server management layer, which is in some ways just the mode of transport.’

The actual migration is a professional and technical job. ‘But what an SME needs at the outset is a trusted adviser, ideally independent of vendors, to have a detailed conversation about the business and its future and the ICT that would support that. That is where the planning begins and it has to be emphasised that a clear and agreed plan is the secret to making the transition successfully,’ said Bergin.

‘I’m inclined to take the human approach to this as to other IT challenges in business. Most of it is applied common sense. Do the research, do the analysis from the business point of view – which is the one that matters – and take care. This WS 2003 issue is now becoming a problem and urgent. But solving it should be measured and definitely not hasty.’

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