Understanding the Basics of the Dark Web and Mitigating Risks

Webinar - Thursday 10th October 2.30pm


The vast Internet consists of three layers. The first layer is public, consisting of sites we use frequently such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and LinkedIn. This layer makes up only 4 percent of the entire Internet.

What is the other 96 percent? The deep web and the darknet. The deep web, the second layer, is a network where data is stored in inaccessible databases. The darknet is the third, deeper layer of the Internet where hackers congregate and facilitate illegal meetings. Customers whose data is breached do not have access to the darknet. The aim of this webinar is to give an overview about dark net, specifically Dark Markets and Underground Forums, identifying their malicious actors, and how to investigate this underground Cyber domains.



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Webinar Agenda

2.30pm - 2.35pm - Introducton

2.35pm - 2.50pm - What is the Dark Web

2.50pm - 3.05pm - How to protect against the dangers of the Dark Web

3.05pm - 3.15pm - Q&A