Will IT Outsourcing Shield You from Cyber Threats?

October 9th 2017

Cybercrime is on the rise. A 2017 study by Barkly has indicated that in the coming year's businesses will face unprecedented cyber threats. The study states, for instance, that in 2016 18 million new items of malware were detected, and that number is expected to grow. Two particular threats that have been highlighted as coming to the fore in 2017 are ransomware and phishing attacks, particularly when combined as part of a concerted assault on your IT infrastructure. Outsourcing your IT services can shield you from these cyber threats as well as making your systems more streamlined and professional.

Not all personnel at your business will be trained to cope with cyber threats. Indeed, a lack of knowledge of cyber threats is particularly what hackers depend on when it comes to phishing attacks, for example. As cyber threats get ever more sophisticated, it is best to leave managing them to the experts. Here are three of the many ways in which a professional IT managed services company will help you out:

1. Regular patching and software updates

Here at IT Force we will regularly update your IT security systems to ensure that they are totally up to date at all times. We will also regularly patch all devices to deal with any vulnerabilities in real time.

2. Customer support

Good quality IT companies will provide you with real-time customer support. If you notice a problem, or if you are having any difficulties, simply pick up the phone and they will quickly rectify the issue. Part of the customer support that your outsourced IT company can provide could include training for your business's employees about cyber threats and how to spot and combat them.

3. Dedication

If you and your colleagues have been attempting to deal with IT issues by yourselves, you will be well aware that this can be a very time-consuming phenomenon, which distracts you from your other tasks. This makes your work less productive, but the fact that you have other tasks in hand also means that you are not able to dedicate yourself completely to combating cyber threats. Outsourcing your IT services thus means that you can focus on the main body of your work, safe in the knowledge that cyber threats are being dealt with in real time.

Outsourcing your IT services brings with it numerous benefits, including:

In the modern day, every business ought to be guarding itself constantly against cyber threats. A single slip up can cause your business to go offline and lose your revenue, or it can enable hackers to gain access to sensitive customer information. The best way to protect your business is by outsourcing your IT services. Let the professionals take a look at your IT infrastructure today. With a top quality IT company looking after the cybersecurity aspect of your business, you can get to work on the other tasks that you have to do. Outsourcing your IT is so quick and easy to do and you could arrange to work with a professional IT company today. Just get in touch and we will do the rest.

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