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About Us

Since opening for business in 1999, we at IT Force have built our reputation on passion and hard work. We provide a full range of ICT services, either totally outsourced wherein we take on the role of IT department, or as a partner that you can rely on for added expertise when you need it. 

Our team of experts are positioned to provide you with business-aligned technology solutions and services.




Here’s why our clients choose IT Force

  • We’re rated one of the Top 500 IT Service Providers in the world.

  • We’re rated one of the Top 50 IT Service Providers in the EMEA.

  • We resolve more than 15,000 incidents per year.

  • We maintain a client satisfaction rating of over 95%.

  • We are one of the few technology companies in Ireland to achieve the important security standard of ISO 27001.

  • And client retention of 96%

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