Our vision

IT Force will be the natural choice for IT managed service provision and infrastructure support by building a reputation for excellence.

Our mission

  1. We will help customers drive business efficiency and profitability through the innovative use of technology

  2. We will provide secure and scalable IT Solutions to customers

We are a responsible business

We conduct our operations in a responsible manner with consideration for our customers, community, colleagues and the environment.

We are grounded in our approach to business

We are straight talking, easy to deal with and we never hide or complicate things.

We are honest and trustworthy

We don’t over-promise and we consistently deliver.

We are a company of integrity

We only sell products and services that we believe in. We choose partners in whom we can trust and who have a proven track record. We commit to these partnerships to ensure the best service for our customer.

We listen

We commit to providing top class customer service by taking the time to both listen to and understand our customers, enabling us offer a tailored and personalised service that will meet their specific requirements.

We value our staff

We treat people with respect and we commit to hiring, developing and enabling the best available talent. We aim to provide a healthy work life balance throughout the company.

We are committed to continuous improvement

We strive for excellence in everything that we do.